Welcome Wellness Warriors!!

My warmest welcome to you! I am honoured to be able to share with you all the tools, knowledge, and research I have (and continue to gain) on topics relative to physical wellness, holistic living, and increasing personal freedom through authentic living.

This will be a safe place to come and know that what you're reading are well researched and accurate representations of various topics relative to personal wellness. I will always share sources and do my best to present factual information, scientific studies, and truthful first hand accounts. It is my intention to help every individual within my community, whether you're a coaching client or simply someone who enjoys reading my posts, gain empowering knowledge that will help improve lifestyle and well-being.

Please note that no information I share here on any topics being explored should be substituted for medical advice by a licensed professional. Please always discuss any changes to your personal care practices with the appropriate doctor or healthcare provider prior to taking action. Every single person has a unique body with a unique set of health and wellness needs. It is never my intention to solicit any specific type of lifestyle or wellness changes as a one-size-fits-all protocol nor will I advocate for the adoption of any specific lifestyle changes to my audience.

This Blog exists as a platform where members of my community can discuss and learn about various aspects of holistic living and personal wellness outside of the ever-changing landscape of media that often promotes misleading or conflicting information on health, wellness, nutrition and exercise. You have my promise that I will not use this Blog as a means for profit and promotion of products. You are valued and I am humbled by your decision to engage within my community.

Thank you so much for being authentic to yourself and for being a true Warrior for Wellness! Please enjoy and feel free to get involved!

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